1.It is an official platform. No offensive or political post is not allowed here. If anyone post this kind of writing he/she will be banned.
2.User name must be relevant.
3.No irrelevant/vulgar post is allowed and offender will be banned.
4.One person must have only one ID. ( Duplicate or fake ID will be banned)
5.All info for registration must be appropriate.
6.The user has to use formal profile picture for Database.
7.Profile info must be updated regularly.
8.Article/post should not be copied from anywhere or must be given proper reference or courtesy.
9.All the contents of this website is copy right protected. Shearing or copying is forbidden without the permission of the authority.
10.Any misuse of Forum is forbidden and offender will be banned.
11.Admin can banned any member at any time for violating terms and conditions of this website.
12.Admin can modify anything, anywhere in this website.
13.Admin can delete any post/article without showing any reason.
14.Admin can access to your profile at any time.
15.All the pictures used in this website is for education purpose only.
16.If any of your data loose by hacking then admin will not responsible for this.
17.The power of admin is always superior. Any decision about this website they can make without showing any reason to anyone.
18.The number of admin of this website will always be constant and their identity will not be revealed.